Kreller Forensic Investigations

End-to-End Global Forensics Investigations Practice

A new Kreller practice, based in Dallas, TX, adds Forensic Investigations Services to the Kreller Group's highly regarded Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations portfolio.

Led by Mark Jenkins, CFE, an experienced investigator fluent in Spanish. Mark is supported by a team of open-source researchers, well-placed contacts and an international network of accomplished professionals in military, law enforcement, business and government.

The Kreller Forensic Investigations approach offers proactive and reactive solutions, ranging from ABAC Program Consulting and relevant training; Fraud and Corruption Risk Assessment; FCPA & M&A Due Diligence Services; Financial Regulatory, Practical and Reputational Investigations; Specialty Investigations and Litigation for the ever-changing global landscape.

Experienced Investigations Leadership

Mark Jenkins, CFE

20+ years of experience

  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

  • Over 20 years of experience in managing and conducting forensic accounting investigations, fraud and corruption risk assessments and audits and internal control reviews in both domestic and international environments

  • Conducted financial due diligence for large multinational investment banks, private equity firms, private lenders and real estate investment companies

  • Conducted multiple reviews and investigations of construction bid rigging, collusion between vendors and internal controls and fraud risk assessments of bid and procurement policies and procedures for multinationals and government-controlled oil & gas entities

  • His investigations have uncovered tens of millions in fraudulent activity and assisted law enforcement in criminal adjudication of fraudsters

"Because we aren't an accounting firm, we have very few conflicts of interest. Being closely tied to a full-service investigations team with broad language skills creates incredible investigative and consulting capabilities."

Harry "Skip" Brandon

40+ Years of Experience

  • Retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent, Head of Counter-Terrorism/Counter-Intelligence operations

  • Former Deputy Assistant Director

  • Uniquely qualified to provide expert in-country support and facilitation for complex international projects and special knowledge of companies and entities operating in unstable environments, developing nations and high-risk areas

  • Leverages international network of resources to quietly gather information for clients without drawing attention

"I have been successful in dealing with all types of people, including guerrilla rebels and CEOs of multinational corporations. The work I do now is similar to what I did in the FBI — except I don't carry a gun anymore."

Clients/Industries Served

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Venture Capital & Angel Investors

  • Family Offices

  • Law Firms

  • Government Entities

  • Lenders

  • Fortune 100 Companies in:

          • Healthcare

          • Financial Services

          • Aerospace

          • Technology

          • Oil, Gas & Energy

          • Pharmaceuticals/Medical Device

          • Defense, Technology & Telecommunications

          • Industrial & Manufacturing

          • Franchising

          • Agriculture

          • Retail & Distribution

          • Insurance

Case Examples

Investigation on behalf of a Manufacturer (Europe):

Investigated allegations of related party transactions, expense reimbursement fraud, and violations of the Subject company's code of conduct. Conducted interviews, analyzed expenses comparing written policies, and reviewed email and instant messaging records.

Result: Uncovered related party ownership information of vendors located in Europe. Identified several violations of the Client's code of conduct and expense reimbursement policies.

Financial Due Diligence on behalf of a Private Equity Investor:

Provided financial due diligence on a lender (possible acquisition), a global marketing company. Conducted interviews, reviewed the existing ABAC policies, code of conduct, and employee handbook, reviewed litigation expenses and conducted limited background checks on key employees.

Result: Discovered that although they had a large international law firm conduct third-party due diligence on an agent, the red flags of historical fraud were ignored. The litigation expenses were significant since they were being sued/accused of being a pyramid scheme.

Internal Fraud Investigation on behalf of a Manufacturer (Mexico):

Investigated allegations of embezzlement by a controller in Mexico. Interviewed employees, and analyzed accounting records including vendor payments, vendor invoices, and shipping documents. Vendors who were identified as related parties were visited and determined that these vendors could not have provided these services based on documentation and discussion with them.

Result: Discovered that the Controller set up false vendors (or related party vendors) and had client pay vendors for services not rendered. Controller had access to creation of vendors, payment of vendors and had, in fact, embezzled!

Based on our recommendations, this investigation was followed by an internal control review from purchase order to payment with internal audit director. Also, subsequently conducted a fraud risk assessment for a US affiliate involving interviewing employees, reviewing policies and procedures and providing a report.

Development of Compliance Program on behalf of an Engineering Consulting Company:

Created an anti-bribery/anti-corruption ("ABAC") compliance program. Conducted interviews of key employees and wrote ABAC policies, code of conduct and employee handbook. Wrote procedures for ABAC internal controls: International Expense reimbursement, Third-party prioritization and vetting/due diligence, Internal Disbursements, Authorization process, Ethics hotline review, and investigations.

Result: The ABAC program development was followed by conducting the ABAC training and performing FCPA due diligence for the company.

"I have worked with Mark on several major international fraud investigations. He is thorough, diligent, creative and insightful. His ability to parse through a maze of corporate entities and asset transfers has, on more than one occasion, provided our legal team a view of the connections between actors and entities that, in turn, have led us to apparent fraud or asset misappropriation. Mark is truly a value-add to any investigative team. "

Trace Schmeltz

Partner – Co-Chair, Financial & Regulatory Litigation

Barnes & Thornburg LLP